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American Geriatrics Society Releases Three Newly Revised And Updated Publications At Its 2008 Annual Scientific Meeting In Washington, DC

March 15, 2017

The American Geriatrics Society's newly revised 2008-2009 print edition of Geriatrics at Your Fingertips (GAYF); Case-Based Geriatrics Review: 400 Questions and Critiques from the Geriatrics Review Syllabus; and Doorway Thoughts: Cross Cultural Health Care for Older Adults, Volume III, were released here at the Society's Annual Scientific Meeting.

The completely updated 10th edition of GAYF -- AGS' acclaimed, compact guide to geriatrics care -- is a must-have clinical tool for those in the field. The new edition covers assessment, recommended diagnostic tests, management strategies, and both pharmacological and non-pharmacologic therapies recommended specifically for older adults, with updates based on recently released clinical guidelines. In addition to invaluable tables, algorithms, assessment instruments, and a detailed index, GAYF 10 also includes information on medications recently approved by the FDA. The 10th edition includes new sections on: pulmonary artery hypertension; adverse events of atypical anti-psychotics; treatment of intolerable vasomotor symptoms in older women; and electrical stimulation for skin ulcer treatment. It also includes a "red eye decision tree" algorithm and information concerning medications recently made available as generic formulations. GAYF 10 has been redesigned with increased page and type sizes for improved readability.

The new CBGR includes 400 newly revised and updated case-oriented, multiple-choice, self-study questions from several editions of the Geriatrics Review Syllabus (GRS) -- questions covering 58 content areas, and drawing on the complete knowledge base of geriatrics. CBGR is designed to meet the needs of those preparing for board examinations in internal medicine, family medicine, and geriatric medicine, as well as for self-assessment and as a teaching resource for educators.

While the two previous volumes of the Doorway Thoughts series were designed to help clinicians care for older adults from one or more minority ethnic groups, Volume III addresses the role of religion in health decision-making in the U.S. Co-authored by both religious leaders and healthcare professionals, the newest Doorway Thoughts examines how clinicians can develop an understanding of different religious groups in order to effectively care for their older adult patients. The book focuses on the following religions: American Indian Traditions and Theologies; Buddhism; Christianity; Hindu; Islam; Judaism; Shamanism; Sikhism; and Taoism/Confucianism.

For more information about the new editions of GAYF, CBGR, and Doorway Thoughts, Volume III visit americangeriatrics.

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Founded in 1942, the American Geriatrics Society is a nationwide, not-for-profit association of geriatrics health care professionals dedicated to improving the health, independence and quality of life of all older people. The Society supports this mission through activities in clinical practice, professional and public education, research and public policy. With an active membership of over 6,700 health care professionals, the Society has become a pivotal force in shaping attitudes, policies and practices in geriatric medicine.

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