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DomaniCell's Unique CGMP And Hospital-based Cord Blood Program Expands

August 05, 2017

DomaniCell, LLC (DomaniCell), a leading service provider in the field of stem cell collection and storage, announced that Saint Peter's University Hospital has recently partnered with DomaniCell to provide a hospital-based cord blood banking program.

Since its beginnings in 1907, Saint Peter's University Hospital has grown to a 478-bed teaching hospital with a full range of specialized pediatric healthcare services and one of the largest neonatal intensive care units in the country. As a state-designated acute care children's hospital, Saint Peter's offers a full range of specialized pediatric healthcare service with one of the most sophisticated maternity programs and one of the largest, most advanced neonatal intensive care units in the country.

The DomaniCell program involves hospitals partnering with DomaniCell to develop their own cord blood stem cell banking program that is built on DomaniCell infrastructure and technology.

DomaniCell's program is built upon years of clinical and industry experience gained through its parent company, Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC. Progenitor Cell Therapy's management team has over 135 years of combined experience in cell therapy, built five cGMP facilities, and participated in over 50 regulatory filings in the US and Europe. The company has served over 100 clients, performed over 30,000 cell therapy procedures involving more than 17,000 units of over 20 different kinds of cell-based products, approximately 5,000 of which have already been used for patient treatment.

"Through its unrivaled, GMP-compliant cord blood banking system, the program exceeds industry standards, minimizes risk of product loss or failure, and makes participation in cord blood banking much easier for the mother," explains DomaniCell Chairman, Dr. Andrew L. Pecora. "We believe the program ensures the most viable cord blood product is available for future therapeutic use by the family that stored it."

"We are very excited about the business advantages DomaniCell is offering to its hospital partners though our turnkey solution. By launching a cord blood program with DomaniCell, Saint Peter's University Hospital has demonstrated a commitment to providing the highest quality and most advanced health-related services to its community."

About DomaniCell LLC

DomaniCell LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Progenitor Cell Therapy LLC. Launched in 2006, DomaniCell is a national pioneer in the field of stem cell collection and storage, providing innovative family cord blood banking services through hospital partner programs across the country. DomaniCell's family cord blood service brings to hospital clients a unique turnkey solution which results in a hospital private-branded cord blood program establishing an obstetrical service that generates a new source of revenue. For more information on DomaniCell and the advantages of its turnkey hospital-based cord blood banking solution, visit domanicell.

Saint Peter's University Hospital

Saint Peter's University Hospital, a 478-bed acute-care teaching hospital sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Metuchen, has served the healthcare needs of central New Jersey since 1907. Delivering more than 6,100 babies annually, Saint Peter's offers one of the largest, most sophisticated maternity programs in the country and is also a regional specialist in geriatrics, oncology, orthopedics, women's services, and ambulatory care.

Saint Peter's University Hospital