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GE Healthcare Releases White Paper On The Implications Of Japan's Ageing Population

August 17, 2017

GE Healthcare Group subsidiary GE Healthcare Japan announced today that it will release a white paper titled "From Silver to Gold: The Implications of Japan's Ageing Population" on May 31. Developed independently by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)1, the report takes an in-depth look into the major issues and possibilities represented by the rapidly ageing population and examines the key issues in establishing a new model for growth in an ageing society.

Released in Japanese and English, the report is approximately 30 pages long. Major topic headings include "The challenges of ageing population in Japan," "The agenda of ageing: The healthcare system / embracing the potential" and "The route to innovation." The report includes an objective analysis of statistical data and information based on interviews in political, academic and industry circles. It discusses the issues and possibilities associated with Japanese government policy, the need for further understanding of the elderly's requirements and desires, and relevant Japanese innovations. The report also discusses the environment for innovation in Japan with some of the country's leading innovators.

As it implements its healthymagination strategy, GE sees the healthcare field as a growth industry that can serve as a source for economic growth in the midst of the world's most rapidly ageing society. With the "Life Innovation" concept being put forward by the central government as one of the pillars of its new growth strategy, GE is positioning healthcare and long-term care at the core of a new industry development plan. Given these circumstances, we are now doing our utmost to strengthen our companywide effort to optimize the opportunities afforded by an ageing society that are of such extreme importance to government and the healthcare industry. The release of the white paper "From Silver to Gold: The Implications of Japan's Ageing Population" is part of this overall effort, probing the potential for (golden) opportunities to foster economic growth and improve quality of life afforded by Japan's ageing (i.e., silver) society.

"Japan is home to the longest life spans in the world. And the people have a high level of interest in health, with many people paying close attention to daily diet, exercise and other aspects of healthy lifestyles," said GE Healthcare Japan President and CEO Akihiko Kumagai, commenting on the white paper. "One of the reasons we will release this white paper is to help provide at least one opportunity to think of the potential we have as the world's most advanced society in terms of an ageing population, as opposed to just seeing it as a problem. Also, by establishing the organizational frameworks and advanced systems necessary to solve the problems that come with a rapidly ageing society, we will be able to provide other countries with ageing populations with a model for success."

The report is available in hard copy and PDF format, with a downloadable version accessible from May 31st at the company website.

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