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Heatwave Warning And Advice, UK

March 28, 2017

Age Concern and Help the Aged Charity Director Michelle Mitchell said:

"Age Concern and Help the Aged has worked closely with the Met Office on this issue and welcomes the distribution of warnings and advice during heat waves.

"Our bodies are less able to cope with hot weather as we get older so it is very important that older people take sensible precautions, particularly if they are on medication.

"Many older people will choose to stay indoors or in the shade, drink more non-alcoholic drinks, take cool baths or showers, and keep their homes shaded and well ventilated. During successive hot days it is important that older people are able to cool down in the evening and at night."

"One thing that is easy to overlook is that older people should continue to eat well during heat waves, to ensure their body replaces the salt lost through sweat."

"Anyone with an older family member or neighbour can help by calling in to check if they are okay and if they need help in taking reasonable precautions to stay well.

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