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Quit Now And Save Your Heart

July 05, 2017

As the Government no longer plans to extend the smoking ban and protect children in public places and vehicles from the dangers of passive smoking, it's time to take responsibility and stub that nub.

The chemicals in tobacco damage your heart and blood vessels, more than doubling your risk of a heart attack and, with over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke; you're putting your nearest and dearest at risk of heart disease too.  The following may help to encourage you to stop.

- Stress is often used as a reason to smoke but before you reach for that nicotine kick why not get active instead?  Running, swimming and team sports, for example, are all great stress-busters and great for your heart and fitness too.

- Get people to sponsor you for not smoking and donate the money to a charity - it might be the motivation you need. 

- Have you thought about the savings?  Have some smoke-free fun in the sun instead - another great stress-reliever.

- Don't miss out on your nutrients - vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps protect your heart, but smoking breaks this down, so you absorb less.

- You're not alone - there are plenty of friendly support groups out there.  Make contact with your GP or NHS quit smoking service.

- It's never too late to stop - you could halve your risk of a heart attack.

- Be realistic and set yourself small goals each month.  Setting your aims too high could make you less likely to succeed. 

You only have one heart - make it a healthy one and kick that habit today for a healthier heart for you and your family.

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