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22 November, 2017
Could Anemia Be Used To Assess The Burden And Control Of Neglected Tropical Diseases?   [read article]

21 November, 2017
Seniors Still Uncertain About New Prescription Drug Benefit, Highlighting Importance of Ongoing Education, Survey Finds, USA   [read article]

20 November, 2017
Investigation Of Prenatal Smoking Link With Antisocial Behavior In Children   [read article]

19 November, 2017
81 Percent Of Hospital Patients At High Risk For Sleep Apnea   [read article]

18 November, 2017
Research Highlights From February Ophthalmology   [read article]

17 November, 2017
Bayer HealthCare Licenses Urinary Trypsin Inhibitor Immunoassays To Signet Laboratories To Further Research Inflammatory Disease   [read article]

16 November, 2017
US Critical Care Delivery System In Critical Condition   [read article]

15 November, 2017
Health Education About Dengue Fever "Insufficient" In Cambodia   [read article]

14 November, 2017
Genomes Sequenced Of 2 Major Threats: American Food And Fuel   [read article]

13 November, 2017
Salmonella Or Other Bacteria Found In Most Chickens Sold In Stores, US   [read article]

12 November, 2017
Scientists Warn Against Stifling Effect Of Widespread Patenting In Stem Cell Field   [read article]

11 November, 2017
Better Way To Desalinate Water, New Jersey Institute Of Technology   [read article]

10 November, 2017
New Recommendations By Scientific Societies About Late Onset Hypogonadism   [read article]

09 November, 2017
The Disruptive Effect Of Alcohol On Sleep May Be More Pronounced Among Women   [read article]

08 November, 2017
DFA Unreliable In H1N1 Testing In Critically Ill Patients   [read article]

07 November, 2017
In Elderly Patients CPAP Decreases Cardiovascular Mortality   [read article]

06 November, 2017
Scientists Analyze Outcomes Of Newly Transplanted Tissue Using Color-Coded Tracking Method   [read article]

05 November, 2017
Human Stem Cell Treatment Restores Motor Function In Paralyzed Rats   [read article]

04 November, 2017
Merck & Co., Inc. And Drugs For Neglected Diseases Initiative Collaborate To Find Treatments For World's Most Neglected Tropical Diseases   [read article]

03 November, 2017
OFT Investigation: British Tobacco Companies Guilty Of Price Fixing   [read article]

02 November, 2017
Mesoblast Limited (ASX:MSB) U.S. Heart Attack Stem Cell Therapy Trial Update   [read article]

01 November, 2017
The PROVECTOR Prototype Successfully Tested   [read article]

31 October, 2017
Heart And Stroke Foundation Bestows First Ever Distinguished Clinician Scientist Award   [read article]

30 October, 2017
Stem Cell Therapy Boy Develops Tumors   [read article]

29 October, 2017
How Smoking Accelerates Ageing   [read article]

28 October, 2017
Amyloidosis May Signify 'Preclinical' Alzheimer's Disease   [read article]

27 October, 2017
New Compound Isolated From Madagascan Plant Shows Activity Against Malaria   [read article]

26 October, 2017
Alzheimer Scotland Welcomes Mental Health Report: Urgent Need For Action On Older People's Mental Health   [read article]

25 October, 2017
EFPIA Statement On Animal Rights Extremism (ARE)   [read article]

24 October, 2017
Cimetidine Use And The Risk For Prostate Cancer: Results From The VITAL Cohort Study   [read article]

23 October, 2017
Bartlett, Gingrey Introduce Ethical Stem Cell Legislation   [read article]

22 October, 2017
Cylex's Immune Function Test, ImmuKnow(R), Identifies Optimal Immune Status For Post-Transplant Therapy   [read article]

21 October, 2017
Dengue Fever Continues To Spread In India   [read article]

20 October, 2017
Decline In Zimbabwe's Health System, Increased Focus On Cholera Exacerbating HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Report Says   [read article]

19 October, 2017
What Is A Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)? What Is A Mini Stroke?   [read article]

18 October, 2017
Expanding Tuberculosis Control In China: Combining Domestic And Foreign Investment   [read article]

17 October, 2017
Stem cell research provides fresh hope for heart diease patients   [read article]

16 October, 2017
Reducing risk of death from severe malaria by a third with Chinese herb-derived drug   [read article]

15 October, 2017
Cornell's Max Zhang Studies Air-Quality In Beijing During Olympics   [read article]

14 October, 2017
Seniors In Nursing Homes May Not Get Regular Eye Examinations   [read article]

13 October, 2017
EU "Fire Safer" Cigarettes Set To Get Green Light   [read article]

12 October, 2017
Potential For A Muscle-Preserving Therapy   [read article]

11 October, 2017
Youth Exposed To Billions Of Smoking Images By US Movies   [read article]

10 October, 2017
Army-Funded Technology Detects Bacteria In Water   [read article]

09 October, 2017
DEA To Issue Licenses To Resolve State Animal Shelter Drug And Safety Issue, Maryland, USA   [read article]

08 October, 2017
US Smokers Invited To Test Vaccine Against Nicotine Addiction   [read article]

07 October, 2017
What Are Statins? How Statins Work And The Side Effects Of Statins   [read article]

06 October, 2017
Cortex Receives UK Regulatory Approval To Initiate A Clinical Study In Sleep Apnea With Its AMPAKINE CX1739   [read article]

05 October, 2017
Infants needing a heart transplant can accept organs from different blood types   [read article]

04 October, 2017
TCA Cellular Presents Promising Adult Stem Cells Treatment In Heart Attack Victims At SCAI Conference   [read article]

03 October, 2017
Rooney Breaks Fourth Metatarsal On Right Foot   [read article]

02 October, 2017
Oil Exploration Technique Employed In New Steroid Test   [read article]

01 October, 2017
Tobacco brands still common in PG-13 movies, despite '98 Master Settlement   [read article]

30 September, 2017
Increased Mortality Associated With Nocturia - Patients, Physicians Should Be Vigilant About Underlying Causes Of Nighttime Urination   [read article]

29 September, 2017
Corporate Funding Of $500,000 Supports Major Fund-Raising Initiative To Expand Minimally Invasive Medicine Into New Areas Of Discovery   [read article]

28 September, 2017
Bioniche Receives Comment From USDA On A Field Trial For E. Coli O157:H7 Cattle Vaccine   [read article]

27 September, 2017
The Placebo Effect In The Pharmacologic Treatment Of Patients With Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms   [read article]

26 September, 2017
Modest Vitamin/Mineral Deficiencies May Increase Age-Related Disease   [read article]

25 September, 2017
Sleep Essential For Boosting Our Ability To Learn   [read article]

24 September, 2017
Lancet Series Highlights Importance Of Rapid Treatment Following Stroke; Rehabilitation Techniques Have Improved But Large Gaps In Evidence Remain   [read article]

23 September, 2017
New Role Of Inflammatory Protein In PKD And A Possible Treatment Identified By Rong Li Lab   [read article]

22 September, 2017
APTA Learning Center Launches Partnership With Section On Geriatricts   [read article]

21 September, 2017
Humans And Apes Have Ability To Laugh   [read article]

20 September, 2017
Mysteries Of Stem Cells And Evolution Solved By Mexican Salamander   [read article]

19 September, 2017
In-depth Analysis Of Human Genetic Variation Will Enable Scientists To Identify Genetic Risk Factors For Common Immune Diseases   [read article]

18 September, 2017
Hair Tells Us Where Murdered Person Last Had A Drink Of Water   [read article]

17 September, 2017
Maternal Smoking Causes Changes In Fetal DNA   [read article]

16 September, 2017
Floods In West Africa Raise Major Health Risks   [read article]

15 September, 2017
Cellular Therapy For Pulmonary Tuberculosis   [read article]

14 September, 2017
Research Refines The Tools And Techniques For Fog Harvesting To Make Water Available For The World's Poor   [read article]

13 September, 2017
Migraines Increase Stroke Risk During Pregnancy   [read article]

12 September, 2017
Alnylam Joins GSK In Donating Intellectual Property To Patent Pool For Neglected Tropical Diseases   [read article]

11 September, 2017
15,800 American Nursing Homes Rated By Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services   [read article]

10 September, 2017
Scientist Converts Human Skin Cells Into Functional Brain Cells: Breakthrough Is Likely To Advance Medicine And Human Health   [read article]

09 September, 2017
Therapy Targets Emotional Eating   [read article]

08 September, 2017
Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty In Children: Long-Term Outcome   [read article]

07 September, 2017
Celebrity Chef Demonstrates 'kidney Friendly' Recipes At 33rd Annual American Association Of Kidney Patients Meeting   [read article]

06 September, 2017
Deriving Stem Cells Without Killing Embryo   [read article]

05 September, 2017
Stem Cell Research Shows Potential for Replacing Tissue Damaged in Heart Attacks   [read article]

04 September, 2017
Three Federal Agencies Join With Sesame Workshop To Launch National PSA Campaign Stressing Healthy Habits To Prevent H1N1 Flu Infection   [read article]

03 September, 2017
Heart Rate Variability Reduced By Restricted Sleep   [read article]

02 September, 2017
New Presidential 1 Dollar Coin Helps Highlight National Stroke Awareness Month This May   [read article]

01 September, 2017
Advanced Medical Institute Inc. Announces Commencement Of Operations In The UK For Erectile Dysfunction And Premature Ejaculation Treatment   [read article]

31 August, 2017
Female Soccer Players Can Take Steps To Avoid Knee Injuries   [read article]

30 August, 2017
International Pediatric Transplant Association Announces New Outreach Program In Macedonia   [read article]

29 August, 2017
Fear Is Stronger Motivator To Get Fit Than Hope For Those Worrying About Their Bodies, Says Study, UK   [read article]

28 August, 2017
Longer storage of transplant organs using new antifreeze found in fleas   [read article]

27 August, 2017
Exercise Can Reduce A Smoker's Lung Cancer Risk, But Quitting Smoking Is Still Most Important   [read article]

26 August, 2017
New Plans To Stub Out Smoking, UK   [read article]

25 August, 2017
Growth hormone illegal for off-label anti-aging use, study warns   [read article]

24 August, 2017
Washington Post Examines How Retiree Health Benefits Affect Automakers   [read article]

23 August, 2017
The Future Of Sport - No Drug Testing And 100 Meters In 8 Seconds, UK   [read article]

22 August, 2017
Test Predicts Who Will Develop End-Stage Renal Disease   [read article]

21 August, 2017
CDC Prioritizes H1N1 Vaccinations For Pregnant Women   [read article]

20 August, 2017
Results Of A New Study Show Benefits Of Risperdal(R) Consta(R) (Risperidone Long-Acting Injection) In First Episode Psychosis   [read article]

19 August, 2017
Was The Public Health Response To Swine Flu Alarmist?   [read article]

18 August, 2017
MedPAC Considers Draft Recommendations Addressing Nursing Homes, Drug Benefit, Primary Care   [read article]

17 August, 2017
GE Healthcare Releases White Paper On The Implications Of Japan's Ageing Population   [read article]

16 August, 2017
Maryland Stem Cell Commission Selects Chair; Commission Does Not Discuss Value Of Embryonic Or Adult Stem Cell Research   [read article]

15 August, 2017
Sleeping Through the Night: Children's sleep expert advises parents   [read article]

14 August, 2017
Research Carries Cautionary Warning For Future Stem Cell Applications   [read article]

13 August, 2017
Accountant Who Underwent Double Lung Transplant Wins Gold At European Heart And Lung Transplant Games   [read article]

12 August, 2017
Clinical Study Of Intermezzo(R) For The Treatment Of Middle Of The Night Awakening Published In SLEEP   [read article]

11 August, 2017
Five Easy Prevention Steps To Save More Than 100,000 Lives A Year   [read article]

10 August, 2017
Scientists Discover Way To Jumpstart Bone's Healing Process   [read article]

09 August, 2017
Drug-eluting Stents Are As Safe As Non-coated Stents For Large Arteries   [read article]

08 August, 2017
Sperm Created In The Laboratory From Embryonic Stem Cells Produce Viable Progeny   [read article]

07 August, 2017
Most Europeans Significantly Underestimate Their Stroke Risk   [read article]

06 August, 2017
Self-Reported Urinary Incontinence, Voiding Frequency, Voided Volume And Pad Test Results: Variables In A Prospective Study In Children   [read article]

05 August, 2017
DomaniCell's Unique CGMP And Hospital-based Cord Blood Program Expands   [read article]

04 August, 2017
Gene Believed To Be Key To Kidney Cancer Discovered By Mayo Clinic Researchers   [read article]

03 August, 2017
"Brain Signature" For Cigarette Cravings Identified   [read article]

02 August, 2017
Anti-aging Techniques Not Yet Viewed As Acceptable According To U Of T Research   [read article]

01 August, 2017
Genetic Variation In Key Cell Pumping Mechanism Reduces Clopidogrel Treatment Effects, Leaving Those Affected At Increased Cardiovascular Event Risk   [read article]

31 July, 2017
Action Needed To Manage Climate Change Risks; U.S. Response Should Be Durable, But Flexible   [read article]

30 July, 2017
Magnetic Fields Drive Drug-Loaded Nanoparticles To Reduce Blood Vessel Blockages   [read article]

29 July, 2017
Neurobiological Technologies, Inc. Presents Dosing Rationale For Viprinex(TM) (ancrod) At The European Stroke Conference   [read article]

28 July, 2017
New Hope To Vitiligo Patients Offered By Skin Transplant   [read article]

27 July, 2017
AANEM Joint Guideline Documents Scientific Best Practice   [read article]

26 July, 2017
Uncovering The Structural Basis Of Familial Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy   [read article]

25 July, 2017
3-minute brain scans can save more stroke victims   [read article]

24 July, 2017
Findings Support Preoperative Statin Therapy In Coronary Bypass Patients   [read article]

23 July, 2017
Treating challenging brain aneurysms, non-surgical approach   [read article]

22 July, 2017
New BMJ service will help deliver public health targets, UK   [read article]

21 July, 2017
Washington Times Looks At Growing Senior Population's Effects On US Health System   [read article]

20 July, 2017
In Arthritis Studies Animal Use Will Be Minimized Using In Vitro Models   [read article]

19 July, 2017
Comparison Of Two Ventilation Techniques During General Anesthesia For Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy   [read article]

18 July, 2017
Nicotine Binding To Receptor Linked To Breast Cancer Cell Growth   [read article]

17 July, 2017
Comments, Experts And Background On The 2006 Nobel Prize In Chemistry   [read article]

16 July, 2017
Soligenix Announces Completion Of Patient Enrollment In Phase 2 Acute GVHD Prevention Clinical Trial   [read article]

15 July, 2017
Sleep Deprived Wives More Sensitive To Relationship Issues   [read article]

14 July, 2017
Smoking Cessation Program Open To Cancer Survivors Who Need Help Quitting The Habit   [read article]

13 July, 2017
Leading Stem Cell Expert Moves To UK   [read article]

12 July, 2017
Migration Strategy And Divergent Sexual Selection On Bird Song   [read article]

11 July, 2017
Boxing Is Not A Good Sports Option For Children And Teenagers, Says American Academy Of Pediatrics   [read article]

10 July, 2017
James Cracknell Launches Siemens Stroke For Stroke Week For The Stroke Association, UK   [read article]

09 July, 2017
New Hope For Advances In Treating Malaria   [read article]

08 July, 2017
Government Has Failed To Invest In Lifelong Learning For An Ageing Society   [read article]

07 July, 2017
85 Percent Of CyberKnife® Sites Within Europe Performing Prostate Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT)   [read article]

06 July, 2017
Welsh Assembly Government Written Statement On Swine Influenza, Wales   [read article]

05 July, 2017
Quit Now And Save Your Heart   [read article]

04 July, 2017
Muscle Training Do's And Don'ts - Safe And Effective Resistance Training Is Key To Overall Fitness   [read article]

03 July, 2017
Crucial Step Towards Better Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's   [read article]

02 July, 2017
Doctors Should Assess And Advise On Risks Of Outdoor Air Pollution   [read article]

01 July, 2017
Physicians Discover How Cancer Drug Works To Help Prevent Recurrent Kidney Disease   [read article]

30 June, 2017
Unique Collaboration Between TB Alliance And Tibotec To Accelerate Tuberculosis Drug Development   [read article]

29 June, 2017
Large Risk Schizophrenia Marker Revealed   [read article]

28 June, 2017
Bilingualism Has Protective Effect In Delaying Onset Of Dementia By Four Years, Canadian Study Shows   [read article]

27 June, 2017
Smoking Associated With Lower Parkinson's Disease Risk   [read article]

26 June, 2017
UVA Sports Medicine Offers Promising New Treatment For Sprains And Strains   [read article]

25 June, 2017
American Association Of Kidney Patients Accepting Nominations For Its Annual Awards   [read article]

24 June, 2017
Over 15,510 Bird Flu A(H1N1) Human Cases Confirmed Worldwide, Including 99 Deaths   [read article]

23 June, 2017
Study Identifies Sailing Injuries   [read article]

22 June, 2017
Total Confirmed Human Swine Flu Cases Jumps To 4,250 In The UK   [read article]

21 June, 2017
Cholera-Carrying Midges That Contaminate Water Supplies Guided By Polarized Light   [read article]

20 June, 2017
Adult Stem Cells - Biology And Clinical Applications Conference, Griffith University, Australia   [read article]

19 June, 2017
EMEA Gives Official Scientific Advice On Clinical Phase IIb Efficacy Study Of Inecalcitol In Hormone-refractory Prostate Cancer   [read article]

18 June, 2017
Erectile Dysfunction Predicts Extension Of Coronary Artery Disease By Angiography In Acute Coronary Syndromes. The Dead Goose Study   [read article]

17 June, 2017
'Oscars Of Invention' Honour UTMB Researchers Who Created Artificial Immune System   [read article]

16 June, 2017
Higher Risk Of Mortality In Younger Black Dialysis Patients Than White Patients   [read article]

15 June, 2017
Prostate Cancer: Men Deserve Better - Treat The Man And Not The Disease   [read article]

14 June, 2017
Fifth DSMB Meeting Supports Neurobiological Technologies' Continuation Of Phase 3 Stroke Trials With Viprinex(TM) (ancrod)   [read article]

13 June, 2017
GSA Congratulates 2008 Award Winners   [read article]

12 June, 2017
Kids More Active When Playground Has Balls, Jump Ropes, UNC Study Shows   [read article]

11 June, 2017
Management Of 10 15 Mm Proximal Ureteral Stones: Ureteroscopy Or Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy?   [read article]

10 June, 2017
Confirming Muscle Stem Cell Identity   [read article]

09 June, 2017
Bioelectrical Therapy For Cancer And Birth Defects?   [read article]

08 June, 2017
Social Activities Effective In Preventing Depression Among Older Adults   [read article]

07 June, 2017
Malaria Vaccination Strategy Provides Model For Superior Protection   [read article]

06 June, 2017
Wiley-Blackwell Publishes Inaugural Issue Of LUTS (Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms)   [read article]

05 June, 2017
Commercial Cat Foods Contain Less Than Expected Amounts Of A Key Nutrient   [read article]

04 June, 2017
Watch Out For Fraudulent Swine Flu (H1N1) Flu Products, Says FDA   [read article]

03 June, 2017
Plants And Animals Found Common Ground In Response To Microbial Threats   [read article]

02 June, 2017
Home Guardian Releases Innovative Sensor System To Keep Seniors Safe   [read article]

01 June, 2017
Scientists Address Dioxin Concerns   [read article]

31 May, 2017
Existence Of Muscle-Building Stem Cells Points To Regenerative Therapies For Muscular Disease   [read article]

30 May, 2017
Tobacco Industry Influence On Health Policy Detailed By UCSF Analyses   [read article]

29 May, 2017
More Than 5 Million Smokers Successfully Smoke-Free Since Therapeutic Nicotine Made Available Over-the-Counter A Decade Ago   [read article]

28 May, 2017
Novel Approaches To Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: Autologous Thymocytes Genetically Retargeted Against Carbonic Anhydrase IX   [read article]

27 May, 2017
Workplace Benefits Of Influenza Vaccination In 50-64 Year Olds Shown By Study   [read article]

26 May, 2017
Efforts Target American Indian Youth For Diabetes Prevention, Encourage Minorities To Donate Tissue, Organs, Begin HIV/AIDS Ministries In Communities   [read article]

25 May, 2017
First Epidemiological Study To Enroll Up To 1,000 Infants And Children In Cambodia Announced By Aeras And CHC   [read article]

24 May, 2017
Teen Smoking Linked To Drinking And Drug Use   [read article]

23 May, 2017
Senior Cancer Survivors Become Bold Advocates   [read article]

22 May, 2017
Most People With Chronic Kidney Disease Remain Unaware Of Their Condition   [read article]

21 May, 2017
Mouse Model Provides A Molecular Map For Aging   [read article]

20 May, 2017
Stem Cells Therapy Can Slow Eyesight Loss   [read article]

19 May, 2017
Pathway Medical Technologies Receives FDA 510(k) Clearance For JETSTREAM G3™ Atherectomy System   [read article]

18 May, 2017
Lack Of Sleep In Young Children Linked To Overweight Or Obesity   [read article]

17 May, 2017
Long-Term Outcomes Could Be Improved By Image-Guided Treatment For Deep Venous Thrombosis   [read article]

16 May, 2017
Testosterone Administration To Men With Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome After External Beam Radiotherapy For Localized Prostate Cancer   [read article]

15 May, 2017
NIH To Establish Guidelines For Use Of Embryos Under Obama Stem Cell Policy   [read article]

14 May, 2017
Coleman Wins GSA's 2009 Maxwell A. Pollack Award For Productive Aging   [read article]

13 May, 2017
Naturally Occurring Protection Against Severe Malaria   [read article]

12 May, 2017
Ankles Can Be Strengthened To Resist Sprain   [read article]

11 May, 2017
Should Tuberculosis (TB)-Preventive Therapy (IPT) Be Given To All?   [read article]

10 May, 2017
CHOP Partners With Vascular Magnetics To Commercialize Blood Vessel Research   [read article]

09 May, 2017
Seniors With Herniated Discs: How To Take Control Of Your Life Again & Eliminate Your Back Pain   [read article]

08 May, 2017
Vascular Risk Assessment Resources Produced For NPA Members, UK   [read article]

07 May, 2017
Better Health Services For Older Australians   [read article]

06 May, 2017
Treat The Risk, Not The Cholesterol: Study Challenges Current Cholesterol Recommendations   [read article]

05 May, 2017
ImVisioN Therapeutics Starts Phase I Clinical Trial Of IVN201 Against Cat Dander Allergy And Raises CHF 4.6 M   [read article]

04 May, 2017
Drugs That Lower Cholesterol Also Beneficial For Eye Disease   [read article]

03 May, 2017
Farm Sanctuary Thanks President Obama And Ag Secretary Vilsack For Banning Non-Ambulatory Cattle From The Human Food Supply   [read article]

02 May, 2017
NARSAD Researchers Identify Specific Genes And Family Traits Linked To Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder And Depression   [read article]

01 May, 2017
Increased Risk Of Kidney Stones And Gastric Bypass Surgery Linked   [read article]

30 April, 2017
Reversal Of Early VCJD Symptoms May One Day Be Possible   [read article]

29 April, 2017
Quality Of Surveillance For Stage 1 Testis Cancer In The Community   [read article]

28 April, 2017
Journal Of Clinical Investigation Online Early Table Of Contents: May 11, 2009   [read article]

27 April, 2017
New Technique Allows Injections Into Individual Cells   [read article]

26 April, 2017
H5N1 Has Evolved Into Two Different Forms   [read article]

25 April, 2017
Pet Hamsters Can Give You Salmonella   [read article]

24 April, 2017
Stanford bioethicists want stronger protections for women donating eggs for stem cell research   [read article]

23 April, 2017
Listen Up! ENT Doctors Point Out More Reasons To Quit!   [read article]

22 April, 2017
Live Liver Donation: Fears For Donor, Scotland   [read article]

21 April, 2017
Nightly Nicotine Withdrawal In Smokers May Contribute To Restless Sleep   [read article]

20 April, 2017
University-Industry Extensive Research Collaboration   [read article]

19 April, 2017
Poll Finds 3/4 Of Parents Who Tried To Get H1N1 Vaccine For Their Children Have Gotten It   [read article]

18 April, 2017
Sen. Frist Says Support Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research, Opposition To Abortion Rights Not Inconsistent   [read article]

17 April, 2017
Apricus Bio Receives FDA Guidance On Phase 3 Study Design For RayVa™ Treatment For Raynaud's Syndrome, Secondary To Scleroderma   [read article]

16 April, 2017
Mass. General Researchers Develop Functional, Transplantable Rat Liver Grafts   [read article]

15 April, 2017
Gladstone And Stanford In Collaboration To Develop IPS Cells For Cardiac Therapies   [read article]

14 April, 2017
Metabolic Genes Tied To Inflammatory Predictor Of Heart Disease And Stroke Risk   [read article]

13 April, 2017
NICE Guidance Aims To Prevent Hypothermia In Patients Undergoing Surgery, UK   [read article]

12 April, 2017
No Cabin Air Pressure And Deep Vein Thrombosis Link For Healthy Individuals   [read article]

11 April, 2017
Anticancer Drug Improves Survival And Treatment For Patients With Advanced Bladder Cancer   [read article]

10 April, 2017
Predicting Sexual Function After Prostate Cancer Treatment Has Improved   [read article]

09 April, 2017
Is Niaspan Necessary? New Study Raises Debate Over Use Of Cholesterol Drug   [read article]

08 April, 2017
Keys To Long Life   [read article]

07 April, 2017
Impact Sports Increase Bone Strength In Senior Athletes   [read article]

06 April, 2017
Senate Approves Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act, HOPE Act   [read article]

05 April, 2017
Is Tap Water Safe For Your Dog?   [read article]

04 April, 2017
What Is Fluoride? What Does Fluoride Do?   [read article]

03 April, 2017
Agricultural Development Offers Protection Against Natural Disaster   [read article]

02 April, 2017
Shortage Of HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria Drugs In Ugandan District Could Lead To Treatment Interruption, Drug Resistance   [read article]

01 April, 2017
Last Step Leading To Blood Cell Formation Elucidated   [read article]

31 March, 2017
Researchers extend mouse lifespan by protecting against free radicals   [read article]

30 March, 2017
Shiftwork Linked To Sleep Problems Especially In Younger Workers   [read article]

29 March, 2017
Oral Melatonin Facilitates Off-Hours Sleeping   [read article]

28 March, 2017
Heatwave Warning And Advice, UK   [read article]

27 March, 2017
Transplantation Boosts Survival Rates For Young Kidney Failure Patients, Canada   [read article]

26 March, 2017
State Tax Credit Programs Linked To Higher Birth Weight   [read article]

25 March, 2017
26,000 Dollars Grant From The Prem Rawat Foundation Aids Flood Victims In Ecuador   [read article]

24 March, 2017
Sleeping Stem Cells Successfully Awakened: New Hope For Regenerating The Human Retina Damaged By Disease Or Injury   [read article]

23 March, 2017
Traumatic Brain Injury The Focus Of Special Issue Of Archives Of Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation   [read article]

22 March, 2017
Virginia Tech Engineer Identifies Pollution As A New Concern For Antibiotic Resistance   [read article]

21 March, 2017
Scarless Nephrectomy By Transgastric And Transvesical Combined Approach   [read article]

20 March, 2017
Fighting Distance Runner Ailments With Non-Alcoholic Beer   [read article]

19 March, 2017
Obese Men With Prostate Cancer Generally Have Lower PSA Levels   [read article]

18 March, 2017
10 Fold Life Span Extension Reported In Simple Organism   [read article]

17 March, 2017
Fall-Prevention Education Can Lead To Reduced Acute Care Costs, Connecticut Report Finds   [read article]

16 March, 2017
Controversy Over Use Of Antipsychotic Drugs For Dementia, From The Harvard Mental Health Letter   [read article]

15 March, 2017
American Geriatrics Society Releases Three Newly Revised And Updated Publications At Its 2008 Annual Scientific Meeting In Washington, DC   [read article]

14 March, 2017
Phone App To Improved Stroke Rehab   [read article]